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5 Easy Hacks To Transform Your Backyard Using Decorative LED Lighting

5 Easy Hacks To Transform Your Backyard Using Decorative LED Lighting

Summer evenings are better when they are spent outside, especially in a cozy backyard. Barbecue parties, outdoor dinners, late nights at the pool – they are all instantly better when your backyard looks like it’s just been taken out of a Home & Garden magazine. 

The easiest and most inexpensive way to obtain this is by lighting everything up with some LED light strings and party festoons perfect for backyard celebrations. Don’t know where to start? Below are 5 ways you can use decorative LED lighting to give your backyard a quick, fairytale-like upgrade. 

Light up the trees

Light strings are very versatile and can instantly turn anything into a real art installation. Trees are beautiful on their own, and they can make any backyard look instantly better, but when you add lights to them, that’s when they can really shine. 

Get a bunch of LED light strings and wrap them around the trunk and branches of the trees around your backyard, and you’ll be instantly teleported to Fairyland. A few of these are enough to light up an entire tree and change the scenery entirely. 

Glass lanterns

If you have a lot of glass bottles or jars stacked away in your garage, put them to use and beautify your garden. Give your glass jars a good cleaning, tie some rope around them to make a handle so that you can hang them around, then stuff them with LED lights. The result is going to be a glass lantern ready to light up an outdoor family dinner or a romantic night. 

Give your fence an upgrade

If you’d like to give your separating fence a little more purpose, use it as the canvas for your light art piece. Use LED light strings and tie them around the fence for an instant upgrade. You can either place the lights at the top of the fence or create interesting light patterns using multiple strings and mapping them out in intricate patterns all over your fence. 

Freestanding string lights

The less time-consuming option to revamp your backyard with LED light is by tying light strings up above your backyard using poles. Four to six poles around your backyard should give you enough support to create a real light web above your head. To do so, simply tie the ends of the light strings to the poles and let them freely intertwine. It will be an instant upgrade to your backyard, and, looking up, it will feel just as if the stars decided to come closer to Earth for a while. 

Make everything glow

Although this may sound a bit like overdoing it, there’s nothing keeping you from using LED light anywhere in our garden. The versatility of these lights allows you to instantly light up any corner in your garden and experiment with any type of design you may want.

Give your bushes an instant glow by hiding some fairy lights inside them. This way, it will look as if the glow is coming from inside the bushes, instead of covering them.

A Typical Sydney Day

A Typical Sydney Day

Living in Sydney is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it is far from home and not at all like it. But that is partly why it’s so ideal! Not so much the expensive part. But for a 40+ single Asian woman, it’s better than some of the alternatives.

What on God’s green Earth? It’s another beautiful Sydney day! Well, of course, one must grumble and find fault at least once a day. Might as well get it over with. Don’t get me wrong, it is one of the finest places. A typical Sydney day would be one with plenty of sunshine, fabulous spots to go, activities to do or choose not to do. 

You wake up. Get coffee or whatever poison of your choice, look outside and mull over things to do for the day. Then you decide to go outside and let the world see you. Outdoors is always better than inside. Hordes of people minding their own business. But there’s always something happening a few blocks away. If you are not careful, you might run into a couple surprise vacation care events.


Sydney is still a stunner and will always be. The ferries, the coffee and the new year skyline and the barbie that’s just a few of Sydney’s crowd drawers. Sydney weddings are a daily occurence. You might walk into a celebration or reception practically anywhere. Sydney makeup artists and photographers seem to zero in on perfection for a Sydney wedding everytime! Then you snap out of your daydream long enough to remember you’re almost late brunch meeting at 2PM and he is even later than you are. So you end up people watching which is one of the nicer things to do on a lazy afternoon. It’s a mixed selection of surfers, dog lovers, sneaker wearers with their wine, lattes, matchas and chai drinks. 

Galleries, museums and miles upon miles stretch of beach. It’s the sunsets really that captures Sydney and Sydneysiders best. It’s always going to be changing but it will stay breathtaking.

10 Things to Do to Keep Your Car in Good Order

10 Things to Do to Keep Your Car in Good Order

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your car and maintain its good condition. It may be time-consuming or tedious at times, but your car is likely one of the most significant investments you had made, so it would only be right to keep it in good order. Doing this will also allow you to minimize your repair costs and ultimately save more in the long-run, so the extra trouble is worth it.

Every year, many people visit the mechanic for some of the most common car repairs, which range in price depending on the complexity or severity of the issue. Most of these repairs, however, can easily be avoided through proper maintenance and care for your vehicle. Thus, there are huge benefits to taking some time regularly to check all the essential parts of your car to see if everything is functioning correctly.

Clean the Windshield

Keeping your windshield clean and clear will give you a better view of the road, which will prevent you from running into any hazard. If you are just coming back from a long drive, then it is the perfect time to give your windshield a clean since it is most likely filled with dust and other dirt. Using your wipers, in this case, may only cause all the dirt to smudge, making your road view worse. Thus, it would be better to use a sponge and cleaning products to be sure that you can get rid of all the dust that has accumulated.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Your car’s tire pressure can change as you drive long distances and the temperature fluctuates, so make sure to keep an eye on it regularly. Add air to tires that may be improperly inflated to avoid running into issues with stopping and to maximize your fuel efficiency. If your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), it will signal you at times when you need to inflate your tires. 

To know the proper tire pressure for your car, you can check your owner’s manual or ask a mechanic for help. Knowing this is important since you will need to fill your tires up to this level and not up to the maximum pressure that the tires can carry.

Check Your Oil

Motor oil will keep your car running, so failing to check on this can lead to a road trip that abruptly stops midway. You can ask your mechanic for some help on how to check your oil and how often you need to change it, but generally, you should only use the same oil for up to 5,000 miles or 8,000 kilometres. Depending on your driving frequency, you can check the oil once a week or more often if you tend to drive long distances in a short time.

Clean the Interior

Most of the time, it is easy to overlook the inside of the car since most of the vehicle’s lifeblood is not there. The cleanliness of your interior, however, can be a significant factor in determining the value of your car if you ever decide to sell or trade it. Clean and vacuum the inside regularly to prevent dust from piling up, and check your CD player to see if it is still working since this may also affect the value of your car.

Look for Mechanics

Do not wait until you run into an issue with your car before finding a reputable mechanic to help you. From the start, look for nearby mechanics maybe on Service My Car who can put you in contact with experienced and reliable professionals. Once connected, you know who to call if you need expert help. Having a contact ready can keep your car in tiptop shape and prevent problems from becoming worse, effectively saving you money.

Maintain the Car Body

Taking care of your car body is equally important, so your vehicle looks neat and tidy. Try to get a car wash from time to time and double-check to see if there are any dents or scratches that can be fixed. Doing all these will also help you preserve the value of your car for a longer time, especially if you intend to exchange or sell it for a replacement in the future. Maintaining your car body may also extend the life of your vehicle, as long as you take care of its other parts as well.

Change Coolants

Aside from your engine oil, you also need to check your transmission and differential oil levels, as well as your coolants, from time to time. Generally, you need to change the transmission oil every 30,000 miles, but this may differ from one car to another, so it will be best to check your manual. Although you have a larger interval for every time you change your coolants, it will still help to check on it from time to time. During the hotter season, you may need to change your fluids more often due to the temperature.

Change Your Air Filter

Similar to your oil supply, you also need to change your air filter once you reach about 12,000 miles of driving. Doing this will increase your fuel efficiency and prolong your engine life, so you do not run into problems in the future. If your area tends to be more dusty or polluted, you may need to change your air filter more frequently since the dust will accumulate more often.

Protect From the Weather

Extreme temperatures can be damaging to both the interior and exterior of your car, so you need to be careful during these days. In the hot season, always try to park your car in a shaded area or one that is covered. You can also apply UV protectant or have a window deflector screen ready for times when you cannot find a shaded parking area.

The colder weather can be equally dangerous and is known as one of the most common causes of car damage. Try to have a space in your garage that can protect your car from the cold. Getting a ton of snow on top of your vehicle can cause the inside and outside of your car to freeze, so try to keep it protected as much as you can.


You need to lubricate parts of your car regularly so they can work efficiently and perform at their best level. Start with the chassis of your vehicle since this takes up the bulk of your car. In terms of frequency, you can do this after every other oil change or when you reach about 10,000 miles. You will also need to lubricate other parts like the door hinges and seals, window tracks, and other moving parts to prevent any problems while on the road.

Service My Car Directory

One very useful online tool is Service My Car directory to assist check on the cost of car servicing including a breakdown of the task. The Blog Chicks team have no hesitation in recommending this Australian car servicing directory:

Selecting A Divorce Lawyer

Selecting A Divorce Lawyer

Whether you are getting a will done or setting up a trust, buying or selling real estate or getting a divorce, it is important to select the best lawyer possible. To find out what tips you can use to make sure that you are picking the right one for you.

Interview Lawyers

Many legal firms offer an initial consultation free of charge. Take advantage of this. Use the meeting to determine whether you feel the lawyer is sincere about looking after you and forthcoming. Instinctively, some people have the ability to determine an individual’s character within a few minutes of interacting with the person; however, there are a few personality traits that can also tip you off.

For example, is the lawyer looking you in the eye when speaking with you, or is he or she looking at the ground? According to some body language experts, people who don’t maintain eye contact usually have a problem with the truth. Also, ask what kind of cases he or she has litigated in the past.

Ask the attorney about your case’s chance of success or failure. If the lawyer sounds unusually optimistic and doesn’t tell you any of the risks or downplays the costs associated with the case, he or she is probably not being honest with you. Remember, there are downsides and risks to almost every case!

Prior to entering into any formal relationship it is important to feel secure in the knowledge that your lawyer is an honest individual. After all, there’s nothing worse then being in an extended court battle and not having confidence in the person on your side – particularly one who is willing and able to communicate your chances of prevailing. It would be equally disturbing to find out that the attorney representing you is hurting your case because of his or her questionable reputation or methods.

Thorough and Responsive

The initial meeting or conversation with the attorney can also help you to determine whether he or she is detail oriented and will be responsive to your needs. Again, your instincts should serve as your guide. Be sure to ask the attorney if it’s OK to call them throughout the case to discuss any concerns you may have. If he or she balks at the idea, it may indicate that you’ll have trouble relaying your thoughts and obtaining answers to your questions once the case is up and running.Other questions that should be asked include:

  • Will I be given periodic updates on the status of the case in writing or by phone?
  • Will they be the main point of contact, or will communications be delegated to a paralegal?

There is nothing worse then having an attorney who won’t respond to your inquiries, or hear your concerns. To that end, be sure to retain an attorney who is communicative.

In Your Price Range

Finding the right attorney for you means finding one who provides services you can afford. With that in mind, all individuals should inquire about costs at the outset of the initial meeting. After all, it would be horrifying to find out (after the fact) that the attorney is charging you per letter, per hearing, or in some other manner that only encourages him or her to drag the case out and to rack up fees.

Also, try to obtain an estimate of what the case will cost to litigate in writing. Then, again in writing, try to secure a contract that will spell out the maximum costs associated with trying your case. This will prevent any unwanted surprises.

What is a “fair” price? That depends upon your individual legal tasks. For example, some property conveyancing typically range from $700 to $1,200, while complex matters can easily cost much more. Simple commercial transactions, such as buying a local business, often range from $2,000 to $4,000, but if the process takes longer than expected, this will also increase the price. The same is true in a divorce proceeding: if your soon-to-be “ex” doesn’t contest, the matter could be solved for a few thousand dollars, but if a drawn out fight ensues, it could easily run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Most attorneys looking to avoid disagreements with their clients will insist that a contract be signed by both parties at the outset. If your attorney does not offer a contract, make sure that you obtain something in writing, preferably on letterhead stating likely and maximum charges.

Seek Those With Experience

While it is important to have an attorney that you can trust, it is equally important that he or she has extensive experience in the area of law for which you require their services. For example, you should you use an attorney with estate planning experience to draft your will, a divorce attorney to draft divorce papers and a trial lawyer to defend you in a criminal case. General practitioners are good for basic real estate transactions, or other non-complex matter, but their lack of detailed knowledge and experience in a given field can hurt your case. So, its important to check on their particular experience in the field you require assistance with as mentioned earlier.

Consider the Size of the Firm You’d Be Dealing With

There are advantages to hiring a lawyer from a small firm. In most cases, you receive more personalized, prompt attention. In addition, the lawyer representing you will probably have a fairly large amount of time to dedicate to your case. This may not be the situation at large firms, where attorneys must often juggle numerous cases and may have many responsibilities to the firm and its partners that could draw their attention away from your needs.

However, large firms also have advantages. After all, many judges and opposing attorneys respect large reputable firms for the cases they’ve won, and their ability. Large firms also typically have greater resources in terms of money and manpower to research your case and to craft strategy.

In short, weigh the pros and cons of having a small or a large firm to try your case before signing a contract.

Where to Look for a Divorce Lawyer

There are several sources for finding a lawyer with the right qualifications to represent you.

In Australia, you can ask the local law society for their list of lawyers operating in your area. Doyles Guide rate lawyers in particular  fields of expertise which is helpful.

In addition to the phone book and on line directories, its also a good idea to ask a friend to recommend a lawyer, they tend to tell you quickly ones to avoid which can be insightful.

The Bottom Line

Selecting the right lawyer can make your case, while selecting the wrong one can doom it, so do your homework, look at their social media pages and check their Google & directory reviews.

If you are looking for legal representation on a family law matter in Sydney, the Blanca team endorse the work of Justice Family Lawyers and are the Divorce Lawyer that Sydney residents trust. You can learn more about them and view their website here:

Furnishing Your Designer Home

You owe it to your beautiful home to furnish it with gorgeous furniture. It is amazing that some among us do not get this simple fact of life. Bricks and mortar are not enough on their own, they need some help. Furnishing your designer home is both a treat and a challenge. A lovely abode should have a plethora of unique environments within it. Each room and area offer an opportunity to create something remarkable and something beautiful. It can be your time to shine and for your home to reflect what is inside you and your family. It is not a time to be shy but a time to shine.

Timber Furniture Speaks to the Soul

I always like to begin with wood. I feel that timber furniture speaks top the human soul like no other material on this planet. I shiver when I stroke a stunning piece of wooden furniture. The whorls and grain within natural timber can mesmerise me for hours, as I site inside my home and meditate on the beauty of nature. Wood was one of the first building materials that early humankind adapted to create their homes and furniture. It has stood the test of time. It grows and regenerates, if properly managed as a resource.

Form & Function Come Together in Artful Embrace

Peruse this site to see some stunning examples of quality Australian-made furniture. There are gorgeous wardrobes, entertainment units, dining tables, desks, chairs and more, to tastefully furnish your designer home in Sydney. Life is well lived when we are equipped with beautiful, useful things. Form and function come together in an artful embrace. I know when I sit at table and my body is supported perfectly to dine that I enjoy my meals more. I, also, know that when I entertain friends and family at home, I am at peace because I trust in the comfort of my furnishings to do their job well.

Surround Yourself with Beautiful Things

I have visited friends and cut short my time with them because their furnishings are so uncomfortable. Cheap Chinese rubbish annoys and offends me in equal measure, when considering furnishings and furniture. Why do we surround ourselves with so much nasty crap? It may be initially cheap to purchase but the cost mounts in lost comfort, poor durability, and an absence of class. An absence of beauty and well-made things in our designer homes and businesses is really a travesty, in my opinion.

Feeling Safe in Your Castle

Many homes in Sydney, and elsewhere in Australia, are worth millions of dollars. Our houses are very much our castles in both thought and fact in the 21C. Those of us lucky enough to live in these palatial domiciles, furnish and decorate them in sumptuous styles. We make these micro-universes spaces where our families and loved ones can enjoy rich and wonderful lives. However, with wealth come threats to our lifestyles and our castles. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with material wealth and this can create problems based on the unequal divide between those who have and those who have not. Feeling safe in your castle has become a very prevalent modern issue. Statistics back this up.

Security in the 21C

Security, what a word. What makes you feel secure? Is it your job? Your partner and/or family? Or, are you secure within yourself, whatever that means?  Does money make you feel safe? Or, is it property? These are some of the age-old sources of what humankind now calls security. Money can buy bars on the windows and locks on the doors. Wealth can afford CCTV cameras and security lighting and alarms. Do you have a solid relationship with a reliable locksmith? This is a practical and pragmatic relationship to have in our 21C.

Technology Presents Both Problems & Solutions

Check out this online example of a quality Sydney locksmith, who has been assisting his clients with a wide range of security issues, both commercially and domestically. People watch the news and worry about terrorism and crime, both at home and abroad. We want to know our families and property are safe and secure. It is a conversation that we all need to have with those we love. We need to take steps to meet the challenges ahead. Technology presents both new problems and solutions.

Locking Up the House

Locking up the house and the business, keeping the bad guys out, these are perennials, which have plagued humankind since time immemorial. The only things that have changed are how things are secured and what the threats are. Banks used to have vaults and big walls but, now, money is digital, just a bunch of numbers floating in space. Encryption becomes the new kind of walls to keep the baddies out. The means may change but the basic players remain the same. A good locksmith, like love, is, sometimes, hard to find. New lyrics for an old song; and the song remains the same.



Your Perfect Wedding

In some of the most recent statistics available from the ABS, it shows that there were 118 401 marriages in Australia in 2016, and 46 604 divorces took place in that same year. Civil celebrants married 76.4% of the couples at those wedding s in 2016, which shows the steep and steady decline of religions in Australia. The median age of females marrying is 29.9 YO and of males 31.0 YO. The majority of brides 81.2% and grooms 79.3% had not been married before. Your perfect wedding will or will not fit within these quoted parameters, but, whatever the case may be, will be a part of this bigger national picture.

Marriage Statistics in Australia

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics,” is the often-quoted statement from Mark Twain’s writings. This refers to how statistics can be used to prop up any argument via their selective application. The marriage and divorce figures above can tell us that double the number of people are getting married compared to the number getting divorced in Australia in 2016. I would imagine the number of marriages may substantially increase in the short-term, with the introduction of same sex marriage in this nation.

Unique & Individual Weddings

Above or, perhaps, below, these base figures, lie the unique and individual weddings taking place in the lives of many Australians. Check this out for a look at some of the quirky facts about weddings in history from a variety of cultures and civilisations. Brides and grooms, often, seek to find a ceremony that will speak to their particular circumstances and interests. A marriage may be a social institution, but in the 21C, couples, often, want to do it their way. Your perfect wedding may involve a turban and a white horse. Alternatively, your perfect wedding may by conducted on the beach sans clothing. Whatever tickles your fancy can be a part of the modern Australian wedding.

New & Fresh Wedding Ideas

What will you do to make your wedding uniquely yours? Are you culturally bound to some format via religion or social custom? Weddings are, often, directed by families and communities, because of their innately social fabric. Still many couples seek a point of difference, whether it be cosmetic or more substantial, to make their wedding something new and fresh. There are many websites out there promising a cornucopia of wedding ideas and it is worth checking these out to see if one or two ideas may appeal.

A Beautiful Life for All

Most us, I am sure, on a good day anyway, wish a beautiful life for all. We do not begrudge others the best that life has to offer them, and we do not actively impede upon their ability to have an enjoyable life. If you do not fall into this camp I recommend that you do not waste your time reading this article. The good life is, even, better, when shared with others. I have always thought that it is only when people are suffering that they look around for someone or something to blame their suffering upon. I think that Muslim extremists are not so much concerned with their conception of god but are pissed off at being excluded from the wealth of the world.

A Recipe for Peace & Harmony

History teaches us that in times of poverty people look around for outlets to vent their displeasure upon. Racism is always at its worst when things aren’t going well for that community or population. The Nazis blamed the Jews and the communists. The battle between extreme right and extreme left continues on today. Catholics and Protestants fought in Northern Ireland for years and inequality was, often, the hidden catalyst for their bitter struggles. A beautiful life for all is the recipe for peace and harmony on this planet.

Do Animals Deserve a Beautiful Life Too?

What about the voiceless among us? Those without the ability to speak for themselves, what about them? Animals are slaughtered for food and sport all over the world. They do not have a voice that we can hear or process. Is it OK that they are continually made to suffer and sacrifice their lives for our enjoyment, sustenance and pleasure? Are animals the elephant in the room when it comes to the moral question of whether they deserve a beautiful life too? Animal Rights are the next big thing to emerge, in my view.

Conscious Human Beings on this Planet

Click here for more on an Australian business which is supplying cruelty free cosmetics to its customers. Things like this are the forerunners to big changes across the board. It begins with piecemeal examples of doing the right thing and then it spreads like wildfire. Think of Me Too and other powerful social movements, which have rocked the establishment and heralded change. Black Power was the van guard for the civil rights movement in America. A beautiful life for all should be the aspiration of all conscious human beings on this planet in the 21C.

Culinary Creativity: A Tasty Lifestyle

Cooking may have been considered a drab chore in years gone by, but, now, it is an expression of culinary creativity. A tasty lifestyle beckons all those who dabble in the kitchen with aplomb. Of course, you do need the right kind of kitchen to explore your deeper culinary adventures. If you are one of the many folk who enjoy watching the great chefs on TV, then, you will understand the requirements for the necessary infrastructure in the kitchen. A designer kitchen is, merely, one that has benefitted from a great deal of thought going into it, prior to constructing it.

A Designer Kitchen Makes Culinary Creativity Possible

A designer kitchen makes possible culinary creativity: a tasty lifestyle for the occupants and their families and friends. Firstly, and foremostly, it is all about having the space to prepare the kind of delicious meals and dishes that you may aspire to creating. Most bog ordinary kitchens are cramped and lack the necessary benchtop space to prepare anything more than a TV dinner. Kitchens in Australia pre-1990 were abysmal. They were the forgotten corner. They were the Black Hole of Calcutta. They were the reason why food in this nation was awful for the preceding couple of centuries.

The Perfect Kitchen for You

Peruse this portal for some pointers as to the right kind of kitchen and those who can put it all together for you. We have now in Sydney and right around the nation people who can design and craft the perfect kitchen for your home or business. We do not need to put up with mediocrity any more. We do not have to slave away in spaces unsuited to the expression of creativity. We can make exciting and very tasty things possible, when we have the right tools and the right infrastructure.

We Need the Kitchen to Cook it All In

Eating with and entertaining friends and family is one of the cornerstones of domestic bliss. We want to constantly put our best foot forward. We want to whip up delightful brunches, afternoon teas and dinner party menus, without the stress of combatting inadequate infrastructure in our lives. Why should the home cook suffer in his or her kitchen? Why is it necessary in 2018? Culinary creativity: a tasty lifestyle is the right of every Australian. We have fine produce available. We have inspiring cooking role models and teachers. We just need the kitchen to cook it all in.

How to Set Up an Office Intranet in Weeks, Not Years

How to Set Up an Office Intranet in Weeks, Not Years

Building an office intranet is an efficient way of sharing information within the team and with the clients. But before you set up an office intranet, you should ask first yourself the things that you would want your intranet to do and achieve. In addition, you should also consider what are the things that the office intranet should contain and how you want it to  be fulfilled. You can click here for examples of intranet systems that you can model in your office.

How to Set Up an Office Intranet in Weeks, Not Years

If you are fairly new in the world of office intranet, introducing an intranet system in your place of work will greatly improve team integration, collaboration, and internal communications. To put it briefly, an office intranet will add value to your company by generating an output in a well-planned and coherent manner.

For you to set up an office intranet in weeks, you should have a checklist. Ideally, the office intranet is password protected, has a place to upload and download documents, has menu options for each of your team, and can be hosted off-site. Just like the Internet, an intranet can be accessed via a server. You can either opt for a company network server or a cloud-based hosting service. Both choices have pros and cons, which you should weigh by including in the equation the needs of your business.

There are also pre-built software available that provides an intranet environment that is adequate for the day-to-day transactions and activities of your business. A few open source options can give you the adaptability and workability to broaden the base functionality of the software. Examples are Igloo, WordPress, and Drupal.

Achieving a Secure Office Intranet

The best way for you to make this happen is to turn over your mind with what it is that you are attempting to build. Identify your main goals and start working from there. Just make sure that the applications, software, and options that you will entertain will measure up to your primary objectives. You can always work on something customisable and hosted. That said, do not forget the important pieces here: functionality and security.

Surviving and then Thriving After an Acquired Disability

Surviving And Then Thriving After An Acquired DisabilityOur life has its ups and downs, highs and lows. Truth be told, there are occasions when these lows are very severe. One example is acquiring a disability. During these times, we will need all the support and guidance we can get. This way, we can see ourselves surviving and then thriving after an acquired disability.

You may lose a part of your body or its function depending on the disability or disabling disease you’ve come into. More often than not, you’ll no longer have the physical comfort and be unable to control yourself anymore. Worst, you will find yourself grieving and suffering from depression. Fortunately, there are ways on how you can survive and thrive after acquiring a disability.

Surviving and then Thriving After an Acquired Disability

A disability is described as having an ongoing condition that limits your day-to-day activities. But did you know that you can live healthy even with an acquired disability? Good models of this kind of lifestyle and mantra are Paralympians. Listed here are examples of this approach.

  • Be patient.

This is probably the most important thing to do to thrive after an acquired disability. If recovering from your current condition is still possible, it may take longer than expected as each one of us has our own recovery rates. So the key here is to be patient. Have faith in yourself that you will overcome this and that things will get better. It is a must that you stay patient with yourself and with the people around you when your daily tasks appear to be more difficult.

  • Exercise your mind and body.

Surviving and then thriving after an acquired disability isn’t all about the food you eat and the physical therapy. It also involves a healthy mindset. This is a good time for you to meditate, read, and let go of the things that worry you. Don’t think about the ‘here’, but instead where you are now.

  • Eat healthy and get enough sleep.

You can visit your nutritionist so that he/she can create a diet that is customised just for you and your condition. And do remember to steer clear from junk food! In addition, try to get enough sleep. Being deprived of this only increases your stress levels, which impacts your coping skills.

Living the Betting Lifestyle: Is It Worth the Gamble?

Everywhere you look these days, in all forms of media, you find the claxon call to ‘have a bet’. Gambling is the poster boy of the digital age, with blokey voices entreating fellow mugs to have a punt. The marketing behind corporate bookmakers and their myriad products is designed to appeal to some broad brushstroke idea about our national character. The ANZAC Day diggers having a beer and a bit of two up, the Aussie punter down the pub putting his hard earned on wall to wall racing screens covering the island nation, these are all rolled into the ads promoting this popular pastime.

Living the Betting Lifestyle: Is It Worth the Gamble?

The message is that this is harmless fun, despite the bland warnings that immediately follow each ad. These warn of the dangers of too much of a good thing, that good thing is losing money. Human beings are, obviously, not the sharpest tools in the shed. Because if you took a moment or two, to add up the score, you would realise that all this flood of marketing money must come from somewhere. If everybody was winning, these companies would not be able to afford to cover primetime sporting events with their advertising.

Even though, we act like sheep, we don’t calculate the odds according to the group figures. No, we only think about ourselves, our own little slice of life, and what it would be like if we won our little wager. The bookies, these multinational gambling corporations, they just want a little bit of money from each of us, because a little bit multiplied by millions becomes plenty of moola. Click here for some great deals and odds. They don’t want the problems that come with the cash of the problem gambler. It is the punter, the compulsive gambler, who chases his or her losses, that causes all the societal problems.

Living the betting lifestyle: is it worth it the gamble? The law of nature is – ‘easy come, easy go’. A profitable result on a punt, can encourage dreamers to think that they can beat the system. They quickly envision themselves putting up their feet and swanning about in style courtesy of the punt. Laying down tools for good and living a life based on lucky numbers and their own superior intelligence. It is a mirage my friend, you are actually in a desert and soon to be low on drinking water. Friends and family will desert you quick smart and, next, when you look around, there will only be losers in the place.


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