Most us, I am sure, on a good day anyway, wish a beautiful life for all. We do not begrudge others the best that life has to offer them, and we do not actively impede upon their ability to have an enjoyable life. If you do not fall into this camp I recommend that you do not waste your time reading this article. The good life is, even, better, when shared with others. I have always thought that it is only when people are suffering that they look around for someone or something to blame their suffering upon. I think that Muslim extremists are not so much concerned with their conception of god but are pissed off at being excluded from the wealth of the world.

A Recipe for Peace & Harmony

History teaches us that in times of poverty people look around for outlets to vent their displeasure upon. Racism is always at its worst when things aren’t going well for that community or population. The Nazis blamed the Jews and the communists. The battle between extreme right and extreme left continues on today. Catholics and Protestants fought in Northern Ireland for years and inequality was, often, the hidden catalyst for their bitter struggles. A beautiful life for all is the recipe for peace and harmony on this planet.

Do Animals Deserve a Beautiful Life Too?

What about the voiceless among us? Those without the ability to speak for themselves, what about them? Animals are slaughtered for food and sport all over the world. They do not have a voice that we can hear or process. Is it OK that they are continually made to suffer and sacrifice their lives for our enjoyment, sustenance and pleasure? Are animals the elephant in the room when it comes to the moral question of whether they deserve a beautiful life too? Animal Rights are the next big thing to emerge, in my view.

Conscious Human Beings on this Planet

Click here for more on an Australian business which is supplying cruelty free cosmetics to its customers. Things like this are the forerunners to big changes across the board. It begins with piecemeal examples of doing the right thing and then it spreads like wildfire. Think of Me Too and other powerful social movements, which have rocked the establishment and heralded change. Black Power was the van guard for the civil rights movement in America. A beautiful life for all should be the aspiration of all conscious human beings on this planet in the 21C.