Living in Sydney is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it is far from home and not at all like it. But that is partly why it’s so ideal! Not so much the expensive part. But for a 40+ single Asian woman, it’s better than some of the alternatives.

What on God’s green Earth? It’s another beautiful Sydney day! Well, of course, one must grumble and find fault at least once a day. Might as well get it over with. Don’t get me wrong, it is one of the finest places. A typical Sydney day would be one with plenty of sunshine, fabulous spots to go, activities to do or choose not to do. 

You wake up. Get coffee or whatever poison of your choice, look outside and mull over things to do for the day. Then you decide to go outside and let the world see you. Outdoors is always better than inside. Hordes of people minding their own business. But there’s always something happening a few blocks away. If you are not careful, you might run into a couple surprise vacation care events.


Sydney is still a stunner and will always be. The ferries, the coffee and the new year skyline and the barbie that’s just a few of Sydney’s crowd drawers. Sydney weddings are a daily occurence. You might walk into a celebration or reception practically anywhere. Sydney makeup artists and photographers seem to zero in on perfection for a Sydney wedding everytime! Then you snap out of your daydream long enough to remember you’re almost late brunch meeting at 2PM and he is even later than you are. So you end up people watching which is one of the nicer things to do on a lazy afternoon. It’s a mixed selection of surfers, dog lovers, sneaker wearers with their wine, lattes, matchas and chai drinks. 

Galleries, museums and miles upon miles stretch of beach. It’s the sunsets really that captures Sydney and Sydneysiders best. It’s always going to be changing but it will stay breathtaking.