Generations’ X, Y and Zee have been born with more than silver spoons in their gobs, they have been the focus of decades of sustained wealth. Wealth without wars in the western nations; and this has bred attitudes of ‘give it to me, all of it, now!’ Mummy and daddy have obliged; indeed, it is their reason for living as they age and lose their own egocentric appetites. Creating perfect lifestyles for their children becomes their raison d’etre. The media we watch on screens are cultural mirrors reflecting the aspirations of our race.

Aesthetic Surgery Increasingly Common Among Young People

Perfect white teeth radiating perfect wide smiles are the norm on TV and on the movie screens. Cosmetic surgery is nothing to be sneered at anymore, even, for kids. Designer faces are being carved out in surgeries behind closed doors, but their results are on display in our schools and shopping malls. The age-old cry, “is my nose too big for my face?” Is now, being taken far more seriously, by cashed up and propertied parents in the west. The usual fears of adolescence are finding responsive audiences at home and plastic surgeons are complying with the wishes of wealthy parents and their plaintive offspring.

It seems that we all want to look and live like movie stars and celebrities. It is no longer something that we outgrow when we move on from the teenage years. The superficies has become a badge of affluence to burnish and polish like precious metals. Click here for some examples. Our cosmetic appearance is becoming more and more important for longer and longer. Old age is now like leprosy was in ancient times, something to be hidden away in leper colonies. Wrinkles are akin to buboes from the plague; and are a sure sign of material poverty.

Stretched skin masks faces in permanent fake smiles and those pearly white teeth, just keep grinning on septuagenarians everywhere. Aesthetic surgery increasingly common among young people in the twenty first century and it continues into middle age and beyond. Women, in particular must live up to celebrity driven standards, in terms of their everyday appearance. Boob jobs and labial nips and tucks, nose jobs and lip enlargements, and those perfect white teeth, are all on the menu of every woman young and old. Youth is the only currency in our culture and cosmetic surgery is the handmaiden for some tactical cutting.