Aussies are foregoing the experiences of aquaplaning the canals of Venice and base jumping from the Eifel Tower in Paris to spend some extreme dollars in their own backyard. On average the denizens of the lucky country spend $50 billion a year on overseas travel. A certain global pandemic has put paid to this past time and demanded a redirection of these funds elsewhere. This has seen Australians seek out tag along 4WD outback tours in 2021. Terms like “tag along tours” are entering the modern lexicon for the first time.

4X4 Tagalong Australia

Tag Along for an Extreme Outback Adventure

Recreating folks can experience tag along guided outback tours in a wide variety of locales. How much fun can you fit into an adventure in the Land of Oz remains an unanswered question until you try it. Australia is a mighty big place with a tiny population. There are pockets of indigenous people still left from centuries of neglect, disease, and conveniently forgotten historical massacres. There is our unique flora and fauna, which have borne the bushfires, drought and floods. This is a land fit for survivors in more ways than one. Tag along and see the sights with a real sense of outback adventure.

Aussie Girls & Boys Seek Endorphin Pumping Experiences

TRACKS 4x4 Tagalong

The travel market is researching keywords and keyphrases thoroughly in their hunt for their perfect adventure. Human beings cannot live exclusively on the couch forever, even, in the time of Covid. They must venture out into the wild to feel alive. Aussies crave experiences of untrammelled nature and endorphin pumping plunges into the unknown. Good times are novel. Novelty stimulates neurotransmitters. Experiential stuff powers us up and floats our boats. Oh, to be a pioneering trekker for a little while. To ride the rapids and forge a river. To go boldly where no suburbanite has gone before.

TRACKS 4x4 Tagalong

“Nothing ventured nothing gained!”  “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.” “At the core of our living spirit is our passion for adventure.” “All of our lives end the same way. It is only the details of how we lived and died that distinguish us from another.”  “Everything I was I carry with me, everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead.” These quotes and misquotes from Ma Jian, Ernest Hemingway, Christopher McCandless and Bob Bitchin are reminders of why adventure is an essential part of our humanity.