Many homes in Sydney, and elsewhere in Australia, are worth millions of dollars. Our houses are very much our castles in both thought and fact in the 21C. Those of us lucky enough to live in these palatial domiciles, furnish and decorate them in sumptuous styles. We make these micro-universes spaces where our families and loved ones can enjoy rich and wonderful lives. However, with wealth come threats to our lifestyles and our castles. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with material wealth and this can create problems based on the unequal divide between those who have and those who have not. Feeling safe in your castle has become a very prevalent modern issue. Statistics back this up.

Security in the 21C

Security, what a word. What makes you feel secure? Is it your job? Your partner and/or family? Or, are you secure within yourself, whatever that means?  Does money make you feel safe? Or, is it property? These are some of the age-old sources of what humankind now calls security. Money can buy bars on the windows and locks on the doors. Wealth can afford CCTV cameras and security lighting and alarms. Do you have a solid relationship with a reliable locksmith? This is a practical and pragmatic relationship to have in our 21C.

Technology Presents Both Problems & Solutions

Check out this online example of a quality Sydney locksmith, who has been assisting his clients with a wide range of security issues, both commercially and domestically. People watch the news and worry about terrorism and crime, both at home and abroad. We want to know our families and property are safe and secure. It is a conversation that we all need to have with those we love. We need to take steps to meet the challenges ahead. Technology presents both new problems and solutions.

Locking Up the House

Locking up the house and the business, keeping the bad guys out, these are perennials, which have plagued humankind since time immemorial. The only things that have changed are how things are secured and what the threats are. Banks used to have vaults and big walls but, now, money is digital, just a bunch of numbers floating in space. Encryption becomes the new kind of walls to keep the baddies out. The means may change but the basic players remain the same. A good locksmith, like love, is, sometimes, hard to find. New lyrics for an old song; and the song remains the same.