Building an office intranet is an efficient way of sharing information within the team and with the clients. But before you set up an office intranet, you should ask first yourself the things that you would want your intranet to do and achieve. In addition, you should also consider what are the things that the office intranet should contain and how you want it to  be fulfilled. You can click here for examples of intranet systems that you can model in your office.

How to Set Up an Office Intranet in Weeks, Not Years

If you are fairly new in the world of office intranet, introducing an intranet system in your place of work will greatly improve team integration, collaboration, and internal communications. To put it briefly, an office intranet will add value to your company by generating an output in a well-planned and coherent manner.

For you to set up an office intranet in weeks, you should have a checklist. Ideally, the office intranet is password protected, has a place to upload and download documents, has menu options for each of your team, and can be hosted off-site. Just like the Internet, an intranet can be accessed via a server. You can either opt for a company network server or a cloud-based hosting service. Both choices have pros and cons, which you should weigh by including in the equation the needs of your business.

There are also pre-built software available that provides an intranet environment that is adequate for the day-to-day transactions and activities of your business. A few open source options can give you the adaptability and workability to broaden the base functionality of the software. Examples are Igloo, WordPress, and Drupal.

Achieving a Secure Office Intranet

The best way for you to make this happen is to turn over your mind with what it is that you are attempting to build. Identify your main goals and start working from there. Just make sure that the applications, software, and options that you will entertain will measure up to your primary objectives. You can always work on something customisable and hosted. That said, do not forget the important pieces here: functionality and security.