Everywhere you look these days, in all forms of media, you find the claxon call to ‘have a bet’. Gambling is the poster boy of the digital age, with blokey voices entreating fellow mugs to have a punt. The marketing behind corporate bookmakers and their myriad products is designed to appeal to some broad brushstroke idea about our national character. The ANZAC Day diggers having a beer and a bit of two up, the Aussie punter down the pub putting his hard earned on wall to wall racing screens covering the island nation, these are all rolled into the ads promoting this popular pastime.

Living the Betting Lifestyle: Is It Worth the Gamble?

The message is that this is harmless fun, despite the bland warnings that immediately follow each ad. These warn of the dangers of too much of a good thing, that good thing is losing money. Human beings are, obviously, not the sharpest tools in the shed. Because if you took a moment or two, to add up the score, you would realise that all this flood of marketing money must come from somewhere. If everybody was winning, these companies would not be able to afford to cover primetime sporting events with their advertising.

Even though, we act like sheep, we don’t calculate the odds according to the group figures. No, we only think about ourselves, our own little slice of life, and what it would be like if we won our little wager. The bookies, these multinational gambling corporations, they just want a little bit of money from each of us, because a little bit multiplied by millions becomes plenty of moola. Click here for some great deals and odds. They don’t want the problems that come with the cash of the problem gambler. It is the punter, the compulsive gambler, who chases his or her losses, that causes all the societal problems.

Living the betting lifestyle: is it worth it the gamble? The law of nature is – ‘easy come, easy go’. A profitable result on a punt, can encourage dreamers to think that they can beat the system. They quickly envision themselves putting up their feet and swanning about in style courtesy of the punt. Laying down tools for good and living a life based on lucky numbers and their own superior intelligence. It is a mirage my friend, you are actually in a desert and soon to be low on drinking water. Friends and family will desert you quick smart and, next, when you look around, there will only be losers in the place.