Surviving And Then Thriving After An Acquired DisabilityOur life has its ups and downs, highs and lows. Truth be told, there are occasions when these lows are very severe. One example is acquiring a disability. During these times, we will need all the support and guidance we can get. This way, we can see ourselves surviving and then thriving after an acquired disability.

You may lose a part of your body or its function depending on the disability or disabling disease you’ve come into. More often than not, you’ll no longer have the physical comfort and be unable to control yourself anymore. Worst, you will find yourself grieving and suffering from depression. Fortunately, there are ways on how you can survive and thrive after acquiring a disability.

Surviving and then Thriving After an Acquired Disability

A disability is described as having an ongoing condition that limits your day-to-day activities. But did you know that you can live healthy even with an acquired disability? Good models of this kind of lifestyle and mantra are Paralympians. Listed here are examples of this approach.

  • Be patient.

This is probably the most important thing to do to thrive after an acquired disability. If recovering from your current condition is still possible, it may take longer than expected as each one of us has our own recovery rates. So the key here is to be patient. Have faith in yourself that you will overcome this and that things will get better. It is a must that you stay patient with yourself and with the people around you when your daily tasks appear to be more difficult.

  • Exercise your mind and body.

Surviving and then thriving after an acquired disability isn’t all about the food you eat and the physical therapy. It also involves a healthy mindset. This is a good time for you to meditate, read, and let go of the things that worry you. Don’t think about the ‘here’, but instead where you are now.

  • Eat healthy and get enough sleep.

You can visit your nutritionist so that he/she can create a diet that is customised just for you and your condition. And do remember to steer clear from junk food! In addition, try to get enough sleep. Being deprived of this only increases your stress levels, which impacts your coping skills.